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Foundation Portrait

The Ursula Zindel-Hilti Foundation (UZH Foundation) was established in 2006 as a charitable foundation. It has been in operation since 2007 and is impartial in terms of ideological, political and religious views.

Our purpose

The Ursula Zindel-Hilti Foundation supports and promotes children, youths and young women who have no opportunity or perspective to lead a life in dignity on account of their difficult living conditions.

Our approach

Using the slogan “Creating Perspectives” we support a selection of social entrepreneurs and organizations from all over the world that provide sustainable and replicable help, applying the business model of social entrepreneurship. It is our aim to help disadvantaged children, youths and women to obtain a long-lasting and sustainable improvement of their living conditions. To achieve this, safe accommodation, food and education must be made available along with a sound family context. We are here when these young persons need us to defend their rights and we support self-help initiatives so that they will be able to lead a life in self-determination and independence. The Ursula Zindel-Hilti Foundation supports sustainable projects. The Foundation does not provide any individual or emergency aid.

Our fields of activity

We support projects focusing on the following fields of activity:
– Street children and their family environment
– Diseased and developmentally challenged children and youths and their families
– Single mothers and their children
– Girls and women subject to abuse
– Creating networks of social entrepreneurs and organizations working in related fields of – –activity